Social Sofa

A project done in cooperation with Maastricht University to promote exercise on campus and to showcase various student organisations and associations that are active at UM

Maastricht University commissions

Gifts for students and teachers working at the UNU-MERIT faculty

Birth cards

Two commissions celebrating the arrival of a newborn.

The little joys of Maastricht

A birthday calendar depicting twelve little joys one can experience in Maastricht

YMI Today

Entry to the Artspace of YMI Today

The Roadmap

A 4-panel storyboard illustration for the singer-songwriter Matthew Lunders

Stichting Mens Achter de Patiënt

Illustrations with the purpose of promoting empathetic healthcare

Licht für Vinzenz

A children's book about child labour in Aachen

Wedding anniversary portrait

Portrait of my friend's grandparents to celebrate their wedding anniversary.