Flock of sheep


A6 card printed on recycled paper.


Text on the back of the English card:

All traffic comes to a halt when the famous retro lawn mowers are guided through the centre to a new grazing place. This flock of sheep is most likely familiar with every corner of Maastricht, since they are herded from place to place every two weeks to ensure neatly clipped grass all across the city.


Text on the back of the Mestreechs card:

Al ‘t verkier stop es de bekinde retro graasmejjers door ’t centrum geleid weure nao ’n nui graasplek. Dees köd sjäöp is woersjijnelek bekind mèt ederen hook vaan Mestreech, umtot ze eder twie weke vaan de ein nao de aander plek gedreve weure, um euveral in de stad sjoen kort graas te garrandere.