Awkward steps


A6 card printed on recycled paper. 


Text on the back of the English card:

The awkwardly-sized steps of this bridge are known to almost every Maastricht local.
The facial expressions of those trying to ascend and descend the stairs can be surprisingly comical. Better yet is the feeling of accomplishment when one realises that by alternating between taking 1 and 2 steps, the trick to tackling these stairs can be discovered.


Text on the back of the Mestreechs card:

Bij zoe bitsje edere Mestreechteneer zien de oonhendeg gevörmde trejje vaan dees brögk welbekind. De snoetse die getrokke weure door lui die de Hoeg Brögk op of aof wèlle loupe, zien dèks zier kemik oet! Wie leuk is ’t daan es iemes oontdèk tot ’t hiel good lök es me aofwisselend eine en twie trejje nump, boedoor ’t e stök gemekeleker weurt.