Centre Ceramique


A6 card printed on recycled paper.


Text on the back of the English card:

If you are looking for a place to wind down a little, the city library is your spot! The first floor in Centre Ceramique is a favourite, specifically because of the elderly people that enjoy reading the daily paper among students studying diligently. A wonderfully spontaneous meeting place for young and old.


Text on the back of the Mestreechs card:

Zeukste ‘n gooj plek um tot rös te koume, gaank daan nao de stadsbieb! Veural de ierste verdeping in Centre Céramique is ’n favoriete plek, vaanwege de awwer lui die hei heerlek rösteg hun gezèt leze en studente die ieferteg studere. ’n Prachtege plek veur joonk en aajd um ziech te treffe.