Social sofa

UM Strolls is an initiative created to encourage movement among both employees as well as students between working hours. The idea was formed when one of the faculty council members of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University noticed that many students were taking long walks between online classes during the pandemic. This was so inspiring that it really had to keep going once students were allowed to meet on campus once again. 


The Social Sofa forms both the start and end point of the route. Together with another student, I created a design called 'Helping Hands'. It symbolises the contribution of and the connection between student organisations at the Randwyck Campus and citizens of Maastricht. During the faculty introduction, all first-year students had the opportunity to contribute to the realisation of this beautiful eye-catcher. 

RTV Maastricht filmed the very first steps of this 3 month long project. Click here for the interview: